Lockdown has a lining which started very thin

Spinning many yarns from voices far within

As we set our minds on moments that futures might define

We turn our hearts to sorrow where no one drew the line


Deep beneath the hate crimes, where racism divides

Are beatings that are broken beyond their bruised outsides

It’s not about our class, our cast, our line, our kin

But about the love we sought before we saw our skin


We were born for freedom, meant to find true love

But somehow the human kind hid us from above

The lineage was much thicker, a bondage grown to slay

A chrysalis of evil, stored hurt until this day


The ‘vessels’ that we sailed in, crossed murky waters deep

Pumping blood around our reason, too angry now to weep

So, lockdown came to open hearts, no matter what the cost

To turn the key in winding clocks, before chances have been lost


It’s all about rejection, more than two faces feel unloved

Thrown together loneliness in crowds of kindred moved

There’s no freedom in groups of hatred, or in kneeling on a neck

Shackles of iron hold inhuman hems of sin to peck


We were created for a world of peace, with ribbing meant for order

To protect, grow, tend, release, not for lying, cheating, murder

Children blessed for goodness, empowered with love to rule

Not broken bones of bondage, sacrificed for masters cruel


What is this world coming to? Greying heads they shake

Not thinking that they played a part in enabling this mistake

All have fallen short, and in lock down must confess

To not seeking the only One whose blood can clean our mess


His name is above all names, His voice is heard to speak

When we stop to listen for a minute, hour, day, or week

Put aside your anger, forgive, and settle down to tell

Jesus Christ,  who knows our stories, longs to save us now from hell

By Penny M

In the grace of Him who knows us best