After 41 years in South Africa, the last 4 of which I was an independent Consultant for Wills and Deceased Estates, I changed my base to the United Kingdom where I have formal employment as a Retirement Development Manager.  The hat fits and the gloves too and I look forward to starting my new job soon.  Writing time will be restricted to hours after hours if you know what I mean.

I am still passionate about communications and changing worlds with words.

With my assistance, you can get your message across through poetry, testament, letter or story, whether applied at home or in business.

In July 2017, I obtained a Freelance-Writing-for-Business Diploma with the Online Learning Academy

I co-authored a book called Going Global – Technology Made Simple, to encourage our technologically timid friends and family to delve into the wonders of cell phones, computers, emails, Facebook, Picasa, Skype, Google, and lots more.  Many thanks to the Bank Pensioners Society who promoted and sold a number of these books to their members.

Besides Bee in my Bonnet, I blog for The Scribbling Scribes – see The Scribbling Scribes.

I am a member of the South African Writers Circle, the winner of their Annual Short Story Competition 2013 and read, watch and write using a variety of media.

I retired from the corporate jungle a few years ago where I qualified in secretarial, administrative and fiduciary fields. After twenty years of working for a recognized trust company, I have extensive experience with trust administration, Will drafting and estate reporting, not to mention the appropriate people skills.

Customer service is a key focus of everything I do.