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A chrysalis of evil – Lockdown reasoning

Lockdown has a lining which started very thin Spinning many yarns from voices far within As we set our minds on moments that futures might define We turn our hearts to sorrow where no one drew the line   Deep... Continue Reading →

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Lockdown lines – Put your specs on and get dressed!

Christmas is fast approaching, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, son of the Living God, who was destined to give His life for the salvation of all mankind. I must ask, Mr Prime Minister, in whose name... Continue Reading →

A Better Rhythm than hurry

It’s a fairly-new-year’s Saturday and the skies rumble grey over bleak, twig-waving hope of spring. Bedded down in my flat, I debate my options for the breaking day and year ahead. There’s a top ready to be returned to M... Continue Reading →

Henry’s First – Part 2

See my Story Time for the next episode:

Later King would recall the spray of blood on the wall; watching it trickle; the gun where Annie had dropped it; their son whimpering in the corner.

Story Time

King scrolled through the pictures on the screen. A shadow temporarily dimmed the light behind him.

“Checking in with your whores again?”

Out of breath by Penny M

It is a long while since posting here, but life hasn’t been normal. Amidst family visits to Australia and packing to move home, communication has been mostly one way - others to me. Now I sit at a bedside where... Continue Reading →

Voices that Matter – what I did with my 67 minutes and more on Mandela Day

Craters appear in the sands as we drag out our heads to observe the view, listen to voices which shout in silence above the roar of chanting seas.  The pace of deprivation accelerates.  Crimes formerly closeted by morality are exposed... Continue Reading →

Words for this Time – July 2016

When we see what is transpiring in the world today, words fail.  I wrote this poem in 2009.  It expresses something of my heart to those who have lost their loved ones in these recently much darker days. Words for... Continue Reading →

Bee in my Bonnet – Telkom

by Penny M When I was a fledgling in need of a pocket money boost, I got myself a summer job for Marks and Spencer (UK).  Every day for six weeks, I would catch the train to Newport, on the... Continue Reading →

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