Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was a flower
My granny used to grow
With heavy scented fragrance
That calmed the senses so

It clung to a wooden trellis
In a bid to reach the sky
Whilst tendrils sought support
From stronger plants close by

I named my baby Sweet Pea
And treasured every bloom
That brought her close to heaven
And a meeting with her groom

Now she’s found a partner
A sturdy, loving frame
To gently hold and nurture
Her best perfume to claim

This poem isn’t finished
These words are just a start
To bless my little Sweet Pea
And the winner of her heart

Keep growing, caring blooming
And reaching for the skies
Creating your own garden
Where Heaven’s scents surprise

Love Mom

© by Penny M for her daughter, Candice, and son-in-law, Ross